Sawgrass Logistics simplifies your efforts to find the best carriers for your network.  It can be daunting knowing there are more than 500,000 carriers in the United States - all with varied capability, technology, and quality.

And since 90% of all carriers operate with 6 or fewer trucks, let us streamline your vendor management into one strategic partner who will consistently deliver to your needs so your resources can focus on more pressing business.

Allow us to worry about finding the right carrier mix, the certified diverse carriers, the high quality carriers, and the specialized carriers.  

Leveraging national scale and leading technology

  • ​​​​​One relationship to manage versus many
  • EDI reporting / Track and trace capability
  • Access to Tier 1 and Tier 2 diversity spend
  • Continued process improvement

Call - +1 844 729 5647.  We are available 24/7  

National coverage rooted in deep and long-standing relationships, leading technology, and sustainable processes translate to a custom profile for your specific needs.

Third Party Logistics