Harmonizing our experience in developing shipper supplier diversity programs with our proprietary carrier database gets you there further, faster.  

Building value through diversity and inclusion

The Problem...

500,000+ carriers.  90% with 6 or fewer trucks.  Marginal % certified as diverse.

Highly fragmented industry with almost no diversity leaves shippers fighting for the same capacity.  Larger diverse carriers are being acquired by non-diverse companies, stripping them of their certification.  Shippers can't easily access one of their highest business expenses to grow their supplier diversity programs.

...Our Solution

We can help build and strengthen your transportation diversity program through


  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 level spend
  • Our proprietary database
  • New program establishment
  • Existing and new provider assessments
  • Strategic planning and sustainable management processes
  • Essential metrics and reporting for shareholders and customers

Supplier Diversity Development

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We believe that different is good.  After all, what's the fun if all the tracks on the road are the same? Sawgrass Logistics can help position your company by building the most effective transportation diversity program to capture this value.