We are a logistics solutions provider offering services across dedicated fleet management, third party logistics, and supplier diversity development.  Sawgrass Logistics brings the size and scale shippers need in a logistics provider with more than 16 years of proven capability and operational excellence.  We deliver higher service and generate faster value with our leading business intelligence and technology solutions.

The Literal

For us, nothing is more important than integrity and trust. That's why Sawgrass Logistics will never compromise on these two guiding principles. We also know how important it is to partner with companies and build a foundation that endures the cyclical nature of business.  Our commitment is to deliver on what we say we will do and create long term value for our customers.

"Our mission is to reinvent the relationship between shipper and carrier...Our vision is to transform the role women play in the logistics industry."

​                                    - Keera Brooks, President and CEO

The Metaphorical

Sawgrass is characterized by long, narrow (grass-like) leaves having sharp, often serrated (sawtooth-like) margins with a flowering stem. It grows in harsh and difficult conditions, commonly found in tropical Americas. Sawgrass Logistics thrives within challenging conditions and has the edge required to make your company even better.

What We Stand For

Who We Are

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